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  • Will I be charged to download Mac Notepad?

    As this is a basic text editor and note keeper, there is no charge for its contents to be downloaded and installed within your operating system.

  • Is Mac Notepad compatible with Microsoft devices?

    Mac Notepad has been specifically designed to work with Apple-powered desktop computers. While many feel that it is comparable to the notepad offered by Microsoft, it cannot be used in conjunction with these systems.

  • How much memory will Mac Notepad require?

    One of the most interesting features of this add-on is that it will not require much memory. The total file size is only 8.54 megabytes. It is therefore a viable alternative for those who might not have a great deal of hard drive space to spare.

  • What Apple operating systems are supported by Mac Notepad?

    This current version of Notepad is can be used with Mac OSX systems (and the variants contained within this architecture). Those with older systems should consult with the official website in order to learn if there are other downloads available.

  • Is an automatic spell checker included in Mac Notepad?

    As Notepad also functions as a text editor, an automatic spell checker is offered within its array of tools. Please note that if desired, this function can be deactivated.

  • Will I be able to embed images within a document when using Mac Notepad?

    Much like advanced text editors, it is now possible for users to upload and embed images within a file. In addition to this option, basic touch-ups can be performed (such as adjusting contrast or rotating the image to the desired angle).

  • Are there any programs similar to Mac Notepad which are already installed within my operating system?

    The only comparable program that is already installed within your Mac operating system is TextEdit. However, this package tends to be a bit more basic and it is normally utilised when only single lines of text need to be entered. TextEdit does not contain other features such as a spell checker or the ability to upload image files.

  • Can Mac Notepad work with an iPhone or a similar portable device?

    This version of Notepad cannot be downloaded directly onto a mobile device such as an iPhone. However, it is always possible to import or export files from the Notes app into this text editor. Some of the file types which are currently supported include (but may not be limited to) .TXT, .RTF, .HTML and .RTFD.

  • Am I allowed to download more than one Mac Notepad file if I have multiple computers?

    Notepad can be downloaded multiple times if required. There is no type of licensing agreement associated with the bundle.

  • Is Mac Notepad safe to use and is it checked for viruses?

    This software has been developed and tested by the experienced engineers at Apple. It is therefore free from any type of malicious threat. However, it should only be downloaded from the official site in order to ensure that its contents are trusted.

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